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    Dear Therapists, let’s remember we are human first. We all have wounds. Beyond techniques, interventions, and certifications we as therapists must know how to use our wounds in the therapy room. Theoretical writings from 1910 to present day have recognized therapists bring more than theory and technique to the therapeutic relationship; they bring their human parts too.

    Leaving The Theorizing Out & Exploring This Strange Phenomenon Of Being A Human & A Therapist

    The ability to self-reflect is key to being an effective therapist, and this ability takes time to develop. We must begin to acknowledge that growing up in the field is more than getting letters after our. name, it is doing the serious, courageous, hard work we ask our clients to do every day.

    So come join our conversation while we explore the embodied experience of neuroscience and authenticity in the therapy room.


    “You both present the information surrounded with so much peace and gentleness. It just flows into your participants!!”

    Embodying Epigenetics Training Participant

    “Thank you for helping me be more gentle with myself as I become a LPC”

    Podcast Listener

    “I’ve enjoyed your podcast so much! It’s a great way to wrap up my work day and reflect. Thank you”

    Podcast Listener

    “I’m not even finished with your first episode and I just have to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to hear what I’ve heard so far”

    Podcast Listener

    “I have also not participated in anything since the beginning of COVID that helped engage the trainees so well”

    Embodying Epigenetics Attendee

    About The Whole Therapist Podcast

    The Whole Therapist Institute (TWTI) is passionate about bringing therapists from all backgrounds and approaches together to build community around being human first, and therapist second. Because TWTI is informed by Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and attachment theory relationship is our top priority with you, your clients, and our community.

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